Hytech Processing specializes in the following processes:

  • Powder Coating & Silk-screening

  • Silk-screening on plating.

  • Phosphate Cleaning, metal etching

  • Precision masking on parts that necessitate tight tolerances for proper fit after paint and ease of assembly.

  • Silk-Screening - Art Prep, fabrication, and printing Dials, Panels, Chassis (Both Metal & Plastic) 

  • High solids liquid

  • Waterborne Liquid

  • Specialist in prime and topcoat applications of all metals and plastics.

  • Liquid Coatings - Epoxy, polyurethane, baking enamel, Mil-Spec primer, CARC Coating, EMI Shielding. 

  • Powder Coating - TGIC, Polyester, Polyester Epoxy Hybrid, Mil-Spec.

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